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Pinch Me, Make Sure I’m Not Dreaming

This past week has felt to be the equivolent of a whole month.  Longest, most stressful, tiring, and worst week ever – finals week.  However, it is finally over and I can take a breath and relax now.  While I did not do nearly as well as I hoped I would have on finals, I am actually excited to start next semester.  I have a whole study plan  to improve my grades, and I’m actually taking some classes I will be interested it – not history and astronomy!  The first few months here I was so overwhelmed with the amount of work, not knowing anyone, and a million other things that I felt it was a little hard to get back on track because one bad midterm ruined the whole class for me.  But what can you do, what’s done is done and I am leaving for Hawaii in thirty six hours!   During this past week I had so much stress over finals I was not the slightest bit excited for Hawaii, and it really worried me to be honest.  However, now my mind is clear I am getting  more and more excited every moment and the more I think about it.  It will be extremely sad to leave  Brian for twelve days, its the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve started dating and it will also be weird to not be here for Christmas, but I think it is such an amazing experience and I cannot wait.

Other than that, I do not have much to write about I just wanted to make a quick, first post lol.  Another reason I made this blog is to document any vacations, such as this Hawaii trip and the upcoming NY trip with Brian in February because that is something I regret about the cruises – not documenting what you did and where.  I pretty much remember what we did on each island of our cruises but looking back at some of the pictures I have trouble remembering what island it is.  And anyone who knows me,  knows I love taking pics and making an album/scrapbook of them so its also just another excuse ;p


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