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Day 5  – Monday, December 22, 2009

Today we woke up, had an amazing Belgon waffle, and then our plane left for Kaua’i at 12:30 – a whole 30 min plane ride lol.  Sad to leave O’hau because our trip is going by, but exciting to see more islands.  If we had more time on Ohau I want to visit the Dole Plantation and hike Diamond Head.  Kaua’i is the exact opposite of O’ahu.  There are so many more trees, less cars, people, tourists, homeless people, more mountains, so much more calm, quiet, and hot.  Kauai is the perfect place to go and take a vacation, one where you want to completly get away from everything and all reality.  You can basically get around the whole island in probably an hour and 45 mins or so, we went probably half way around since we got here.  We didn’t get to our hotel until about 3P so we decided to go explore.  The streets are interesting here because there is a main highway and and other side roads which all lead to a dead end basically.  It seemed so confusing at first, we got really lost, but once we looked at our map it was easy to figure out.  While driving around we went to a waterfall which was pretty, and I cannot wait to see more with Fern Grotta and the road to Hana in Maui.  We ended the night with pizza in the room

Anyway, I’m getting lazy and maybe I’ll caption the important pics later.  Right now I’m gonna read a bit more of My Sister’s Keeper and head to bet soon.


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