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I finally found some free wifi and decided to make a quick little post.  The connection is as slow as mollasses (is that the expression?) but whatever, it works.  Tonight is our last night in Maui  and while I had fun over this trip I am extremely glad.  I miss Brian so much and being without him is not fun at all, its like I lose a part of me whem I am not with him.  Our plane leaves Maui tomorrow night at 9P and we don’t get home until like 7 or 8A, I had red eyes, especially when we’re flying over water. So scary!!

Over all my favorite islands were Kaua’i and Maui.  I felt like we did  not have nearly enough time to do everything in Maui that I would have liked to do and wished we just went there.  I also thought O’ahu  was nothing worth mentioning and would not go back.  It is not nearly as nice as the other two and is way to busy and homeless people everywhere you look.  I also got so many amazing experiences during this trip such as seeing numerous wales, dolphins, many waterfalls, a black beach, such diverse land, huge waves, and Pearl Harbor.

It was fun but I am counting down the time until I will be home in Brian’s arms 🙂


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