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In With The New

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe it is already 2010, 2009 flew by as each year does.  It seems though that every year goes by quicker and quicker, eventually I think I will blink and it will be a whole new year.  It is exciting and sad at the pace that life happens.  I don’t want my life to just pass by so quickly that I do not enjoy it and get to experience all the amazing adventures.  However, at the same time I am equally excited to see what this coming year holds and to improve on my short-comings.   Speaking of which, here are some of my new years resolutions:

  • Exercise – who does not have this as a goal?  I certainly have this goal every single day and new years is no exception.  I want to become more toned overall, do yoga/pilates, and get in a regular routine of running and then run marathon sometime over the year.
  • Be More Patient – I can get very emotional, worked up, and impatient with things that do not matter and with people.  It is one of the qualities I hate about myself and I want to strive everyday to improve that and make myself a little better every day.
  • Study for 15 mins everyday per class – last semester was extremely tough for me, due to numerous adjustments I had to make; however, I cannot blame my struggles and imperfect grades on that.  It was a lack of efficient studying and then cramming for midterms and finals.  I want to spend more time everyday studying for my classes so I will feel better prepared, actually know the material rather than memorizing it, and will remove a ton of stress!  Along with this I want to not miss class as frequently and get at least a 3.5 GPA.
  • Do something for me – find a passion, a hobby, or one-time experience that I have always wanted to do and do it!  Bonus if it’s risky/adventurous.

Last night was very low key.  I didn’t go out, Brian and I stayed home and played Super Mario Bros on Wii lol.  I love spending time with just him so it was a perfect evening for me – and I didn’t wake up feeling like shit this morning!  So far 2010 has been a good year, I have slept through half of it, went to breakfast, got Christmas presents from my dad, and feel great.  Lets see if the rest of the year is just as nice.


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