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I came back up to Boulder on Sunday because I had work all week.  It has been nice getting back to work because I honestly do love my job, I could definitely use a  paycheck, and it helps keep my mind off of things.  Kids are the ultimate cure for cheering you up and keeping you occupied.  They are also so loving.

Anyway, yesterday we took a field trip to the Aquarium.  I love the Aquarium; however, trips can be kind of a nightmare with the group you got.  Mine were all crazy boys where listening and obeying is not their top priority.  I have no idea how Octomom will be able to take all her kids anywhere fun, or even the grocery store., when they are all walking.  At five I was freaking out, I cannot imagine 8+, I would need to get GPS installed in them or something.  This field trip was easier then the first, and with time I think it will be a breeze, you just have to let kids do their own thing and not get all worked up.

I have work in a few hours, and I am glad that school started so I will be back with the normal group and at my regular site which makes for half of the stress.

And to end with a few interesting articles:

Color Experts Say Black Clothes Are Unflattering

Much Like Santa, Your G-Spot Isn’t Real

Lose Some Weight… With Taco Bell?


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