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Classes started on Monday, which like a whole month has passed since then!  This has been such a long week and I cannot be more thankful it is over!  I have classes everyday, but only one on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays  I go from 8A – 2P then have work right after. It makes for a very long two days, let me tell you.  This semester I am taking:

  • Ling 2000 – Intro to Linguistics:  I think I will like this class, although it may be a bit challenging.  I am thinking about majoring in SHLS and this class would be one of the requirements so I took this to test it out and see if I like it.  I think I will like the professor and the recitation teacher is nice as well. The only downer is that this class takes attendence. Boo!
  • PSCI 1101 – American Political Systems:  This class will be super super easy and Brian is in with me which is a double bonus.  Overall, I have high hopes for this class… the recitation may be a diff story though.
  • Psyc 2606 – Social Psychology:   I thought this class would be soo interesting and I would really enjoy it, but the professor makes  the class awful.  She is sooo boring, has an annoying voice, and a typical psych major.  It sucks that the class I was really looking forward to is going to be the most boring and painful to sit through.
  • Ebio 1040 – Human Approach to Bio:   I took it last semester so I know what to expect – shitton of notes and impossible tests. Yuck.

I’ve kept up with all the reading so far, not like it was hard or anything lol, and I found a really good website for making notecards online for each class so hopefull that will help me this semester also.  I definitely need all the extra studying this semester  because all of my midterms are in the same week back-to-back, I have a project and a paper due the same day which is three days before finals, and two finals back to back two days in a row.  This semester has a long, gloomy outlook.


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