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So Brian went to Glenwood Springs with his dad and brother on Friday and Saturday so I decided to go home for the night.  It was good to have a home-cooked meal on Friday and then my mom and I played Wii which was fun – and such a workout!  I have not ever really played wii Sports that much and boxing was soo hard.  Anyway, Saturday was not all I had hoped due to family drama, but that was nothing new.  Later on Saturday I went to my dads to see his house.  The painting looks really good and he’s planning to do a few other renovations on it.  It’s funny that he plans all these improvements right as he’s moving.  He is putting the house on the market on Friday which will be exciting for him.

Today, Brian and I both woke up sick so we spent the day just relaxing.   Even though I am only missing out on one class, it will be exciting to have the day off tomorrow.  And I certainly have a lot of homework to do then as well.


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