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Giving my blog a facelift

I made this blog so I  could always remember, or look back upon and  smile at meaningful moments in my life from vacations, birthdays, romance, funny things that happened, etc.  However, in all reality, these super special times do not happen in my everyday life.  In truth, I am a boring, working college student with almost no social life and I do not have very many post-worthy things to to talk about.  So I’ve come up with an idea..

I am a nerd when it comes to those surveys and quizzes. I love them, IDK why but I decided that every day I will answer a question(s) of the day whether it be silly, serious, thoughtful, romantic, or anything else.  To add to this I will post interesting links I stumbled upon (since it is one of my many addictions) along with any thoughts or commentary I might have.  A lot of the times I like a site, or think an article is interesting, but not enough to actually favorite it forever.  I just want to make this blog more interesting for myself and years down the road I can remember my thoughts, ideas, or what what going on in the world back then.

So I will start by answering a  question:

What is your soda of choice these days? Could you give it up?

My favorite soda is Diet Coke.  It is usually the soda I will always choose.  And I could not give it up forever.   Since being in college my craving for soda, mainly Diet Coke, has increased and I have no idea why.  I find it kind of odd.  However,  even when I was rarely drinking soda, every so often I will get a mean craving for a Diet Coke.  Diet Coke is also the only beverage that I want to drink when I am hungover.  My life could not  be complete without it.


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