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Thursday Thunks

1. Pants on the Ground…. sexy time?

2. Have you ever fell down the stairs?

Yes probably at least five times that I can remember within the last few years haha.  The one that pops right into my head is when Morgan, Bri, and I were drinking and I went to go down the stairs and completely flew down the stairs.  Falling is an understatement – I have limbs flying everywhere and the stuff that was on the side of the stairs ended up all over the floor and I landed on my head.

3. Have you ever written to a company about their product? Ever called them?

4. Your dog/cat/snake/iguana/pet skunk (or just fill in your pet’s species) goes to the vet. Ok, you take them to the vet… most pets wouldn’t go on their own. The vet tells you that your species has cancer. Do you:

  • a. tell them to pull out the needle and put them to sleep on the spot
  • b. take them home and let them live out their life until the end
  • c. same as b. except you don’t let them get to the suffering stage
  • d. go full steam ahead with cancer treatments

D is a very strong possibility to depending on how late we caught the cancer.  If it was in the early stages with a good rate of beating it, then I would definitely chose D.  Otherwise, I would take them home to be able to spend the rest of the time with them and let them enjoy the rest of their life without having to go through all the pain and trouble of the many treatments.

5. What is your favorite comfort food?
mac ‘n cheese or pizza (is that comfort food?)

6. If your child was put in jail for putting a gun in their spouses mouth and pulling the trigger (even though the gun wasn’t loaded), strangling them and breaking their arm… would you post bail for them?
No way, it does not matter that it is my child that behavior is completely unacceptable and unsafe for so many.  They definitely need some mental care.  Hopefully though, I will be a good enough parent that my child would never come close to doing anything like that.

7. If elephants had wings, how many feathers do you think they would have on each wing?
They would need at least 100,00 on each to completely cover it and lift itself up into the air.

8. Is there anything growing in your refrigerator right now?

Not in my dorm.  In Brian’s? There is a strong possibility.

10. Would you donate to the Kimber Ark Building Fund and donate wood? She is about to float away after all…

My fave show!!!! IDK what I will do when the series is over. Oh yeah, watch the first four.  But yes I would donate because I feel really bad for her.  However,  I would almost let her die and then give it and hopefully she would have an eye-opening epiphany and change the way she views herself and do things for herself.
11. If I were to send you a letter and I wanted to put a little heart sticker on the back of the envelope, what color sticker would you like it to be?
Red, of course


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