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After about two or more weeks of being sick, I think I finally kicked the bug.  However,  I have had a bit of a constant headache lately but that is an entirely new problem, I think.

This week I feel good because I am caught up on (almost) all of my reading for all my classes.  I just need to do Psych, which I am going to start after this post.   I want to try and get all of my reading done over the weekend because that way during the week I can simply focus on studying my note cards, especially since midterms are coming up in three weeks.

Other than that, this was a good weekend.  On Saturday Brian and I went to breakfast at the Pancake House, our favorite place, then we ran a few errands.  That night I ended up babysitting for Sasha, which was fun and a good way to make some extra cash that I definitely could use for NY.  Yesterday my mom came up and we went to lunch at Bennihana’s (sooo good) to celebrate her birthday  that was on Wednesday.  I gave her an iHome and a microphone for her laptop so we can Skype together.   We also went shopping and I got a dress and shirt from Express along with a belt and some tights to wear with my dresses during winter and in NY.  Before we leave, I would like to get a pair of black pumps (or see if I can find the ones at my house) and a pair of  jeans.

Well, Brian and I are going to go watch Two and a Half Men. See ya!


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