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I have been under a lot of stress with school lately and other personal things, like deciding whether to stay at CU in the fall, and such.  As a result, I have been having nightmares almost nightly for about a week (and I usually get one every three months or so normally).  I just cannot wait until midterms is over then it is New York!!!  It cannot come at a better time.

Along with this, Brian and I were a little off which is normal so we decided to start making a date night so we have something to look forward to each week and it will get us out of the house and spending time with one another.  Originally, I had planned to go to the Denver Art Museum because I read that Saturday was a free day.  Well we got there, and it was closed for a private event which sucked.   We drove back up to Boulder and went to dinner at the Olive Garden, which is always good and planned to go home to watch Last House on the Left.  We put it in and on the main screen, Brian notices that we have seen this movie before, which was my mistake for not noticing.  We ended up drinking and watching the Hangover instead, which is probably better than the first. It was funny how everything we originally planned fell through and we did something completely different, yet spontaneity can be the best part!

Well, off to study for midterms!


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  pressoffice wrote @

We are so sorry for any disappointment! Saturday, February 6, was a Free First Saturday and we were open our usual Saturday hours — 10 am-5 pm. We are open until 10 pm on Friday nights, however. We hope you will come visit another time. March 6 is our next Free First Saturday.
– Rose B., Communications Dept.

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