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It has been way to long since I have posted.  With midterms, NY, catching up on school work, and everything I have been so busy and this has been my last priority. I am on spring break this week and have not done anything worth mentioning, just working a lot which is good!

Anyway, one of the main reasons I made this blog is for vacations.  Brian and I went to NYC last month (his christmas present to me) and I decided since I have time (but, I should be studying for bio) I would do a quick run down on what went  we did.

We arrived Thursday after noon and it was snowing, which we were not prepared for.  I forgot my umbrella and rain boots and we did not find any until Friday, so the first night was shitty walking around.  On Thursday, as we were walking around we were starving, but did not know of any good places to eat.   So we stopped at the first place we saw, Lombardi’s, and had pizza which was less than great.  We actually ate pizza two times before we finally got a square pizza. Major fail!  However, I am now obsessed with putting garlic on my pizza and do not think  I will ever go without it again.  Try it,  you are not living until you do.   We did a lot of touristy, sightseeing things such as:

  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square (our hotel was literally half a block from there, you just walk down the street)
  • Broadway Shows: Chicago & Fela
  • China Town
  • Ground Zero : which was disappointing b/c they are building a new memorial so you could not see anything other than cranes
  • Had the best cheeseburger ever lol
  • Knicks and Grizzlies game @ Madison Square: we had seats on the floor.  It was the coolest thing ever to me and I think it is so awesome to be able to say I did that
  • and probably a million other things I cannot remember right now.

Anyway, I have a million pics, but since I am the only one who reads this it is pointless to add them haha.


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