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Recently Read: Special Delivery by Danielle Steel

Dashing Jack Watson is the playboy owner of Julie’s, a chic Beverly Hills toggery. He’s sworn off marriage after the love of his life perished in a car accident a decade ago. One day, his son’s mother-in-law–the glamorous ex-starlet Amanda Robbins–is suddenly widowed after 36 years of wedded bliss. Throughout their children’s marriage, Jack and Amanda have always maintained a cordial loathing for one another but they begin to find an understanding for each other and their situation…
(Summary from Amazon)

I love Danielle Steel books, anything to do with romance hooks me.  However, I was a bit disappointed wit this book.  While it was good, I do not think it was one of her best.  I was a cute, light, very easy read (I finished it in probably three hours), yet I did not feel the passion from details that some of her other books had.  I felt this was written quickly, with a lack of attention that other books have. I would say, don’t bother reading this book and read her other books like Palomino, Summer’s End, or Mirror Image.


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