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Question of the day

What is one thing you would change about your life?

I would get a bunny, duh! Okay, in all seriousness I would change my motivation.  I would like to become more motivated in school and working out.  School especially, I get lazy keeping up with work and studying for tests.  I feel like the classes I am taking right now are extremely banal and they do not spark my interest in the least bit.  I am hoping that once I get further into my education classes, they will become a bit more fun.  The last thing I would change is the fact that I do not interact with anyone around my age besides Brian.  It does get lonely and depressing sometimes to know I do not have a best friend, or even one, when college is the time that everyone is meeting new people, going out all the time, and just having fun.  I just want one friend. I do not want to sound like a whiny bitch though, have come to terms with my situation, and its what you make out of it!


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