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Things I Love #5


Brian and I have been trying to get out and run more.  However, with the weather, being busy, and Brian having a cold we definitely have been slacking to put it mildly.  Today we went for a run, 2 miles, and I actually ran the whole thing, well jogged.  I felt great!  It is probably the 4th time we’ve been running, and the other three I have had  to stop half way and walk for two mins or so because my lungs are killing me.  As much as I would like to blame it on the altitude, it is honestly me just being out of shape.  It felt really good to do the whole thing this time without having to stop and walk for a minute.  I did three things differently this time:

  1. I chugged a water bottle before running (usually I will take one with me and drink it as needed) and then a bottle afterward.
  2. I always bring my ipod, but the other times I have been so focused on how shitty the running is that I don’t really listen to the music.  However, this time I really listened to it and got into it which helped get my mind off of how tired I was.
  3. I stumbled across this article the other day on how to breath while running.  I usually take a bunch of short breaths, but this time I  did what they suggested and took more deep breaths from my diaphragm and tried using the 3:2 ratio.

I’m not sure if any helped, but to me they seemed to and I am going to keep on using those techniques.  I just can’t wait to run tomorrow and eventually see improvement in my time, distance, and body!


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