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In the past month, things got pretty crazy with school ending and what not.  I had all my finals in two consecutive days, a two papers due the weekend before finals any many borderline grades.  Unfortunately my grades stayed the same and did not swing up like I would have hoped.

Since I am working until the end of May and nannying this summer I decided to take a Maymester course for a class I need anyway.  I am very glad I did, it is three weeks so it goes very quickly, I have a week left.  It is also very nice because there are no tests, just two papers and then a group poster for the final which is easier than other classes for me because I am a horrible test taker.

I also moved out of the dorms and  Brian and I found our apartment that we are moving into at the end of June.  I absolutely love love love it!  It is in Bloomfield, literally five mins away from where I work.  It is so much nicer than anything in Boulder and we can bring Boo.  It has a washer/dryer, walk  in closet, two bedroom, has a balcony, fireplace,  etc.

That has been the major news of what has been going on.  Everything is going so well for me and I am just so grateful for everything going on and comping and excited for the summer!


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