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So I haven’t actually posted what has been going on with me in a while.  This summer I’m staying in Boulder and nannying.  Nothing too exciting really.  In the next week or so Brian’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to plan something but nothing will probably come out of that, unfortunately.  And then at the end of the month Brian and I are officially moving in together in our new place which I am so so soooo excited about!  I can’t wait to leave and actually be somewhere that is mine.  This weekend is father’s day and I am going back home just overnight and then will probably see a movie and grab some food with my dad tomorrow.  I have not been to his house in months and months and he’s been doing some renovations around the house so I am excited to see that.

I have been finishing about a book everyday because I have so much time so I decided not to post on here about everything I’ve read so I made an account on instead which will also help me to look through all the books I have read easily.

I have ordered a lot of stuff and am thinking about posting hauls on here of things I have recently bought so we’ll see.

Anyway, that is all I have to say, this post was pretty lame, but just a little post to mention a few things.


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