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Recently Bought: Ebay

Over the past couple months I have rediscovered how great Ebay is and the magical things you can find on there!  So whenever buying make up that is not drugstore, I will look on  ebay and see if I can get a better deal on it than if I bought it elsewhere and I have had some great luck!

Hoola by Benefit bronzer.  This was definitely my best purchase thus far!  In stores this sells for $28  and on ebay I bought this for $12, including shipping.  I was just so thrilled about this!  Currently, it is the same shade as my skin tone so I haven’t really used it, but I  think it will be the perfect shade for winter since I will definitely lose my tan!

I have been wanting these since every beauty guru has been raving non-stop about these, so I was excited when they finally came (I had to wait about two weeks)!! I got the colors (left to right of the swatches) in iced mocha, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  So far I have used both the iced mocha and yogurt and I really like them so far!

I read about this, L’oreal Lash Boosting Serum, on College Fashion and I had heard that it worked.  Since I am almost obsessed with my lashes and having them look as long and full as possible I had to get this!  In drugstores it is about $14 alone, I think, or $21 with a mascara.  On ebay I got this for $8.  I have been using this for about two weeks and so far I have noticed my lashes looking thicker, especially on my lower lash line, and possibly even a bit longer too!  I definitely recommend this product to everyone!  I am thinking about  buying an extra right now so I’ll have a back up  when I run out.

I have been eyeing Coastal Scents’ 88 warm palette for months now, and finally decided to buy it.  It is $25 on Coastal Scents’ website and I got it for $22 dollars on ebay.  It was only a few dollars cheaper, yet I think it would still be totally worth it to buy it full price!  The shadows are so pigmented, it has really great colors, and they blend really well!  Now I can’t wait to  get my hands on the 88 metal mania palette.

I just got this product yesterday and I am wearing it today.  This is the NYX  10 color Palette in Romance.  The colors are very pigmented and blend really well.  I am very happy with this product and I can’t wait to the the Catwalk, Champagne and Caviar, and Versus palettes also!


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