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Recently Bought: Forever 21

About two weeks ago Brian and I went to some party and I decided that  I wanted a new outfit so we went to Forever 21 and here are a couple of the things I bought.

Sorry about the sideways pictures I am too lazy to fix this.  This dress is a super cute, simple summer dress that is perfect for the pool or just something to throw on and it was only $13

I actually wore  this dress to the party.  I absolutely love love love the back of this dress and this is another great casual dress for the day and pool.  This dress was only $15

I have had horrible luck with sunglasses lately.  I broke two pairs in two weeks or less so I was desperate for a new pair since with my job we are outside a lot and it just hurts my eyes to not be wearing sunglasses.  Now while I am not overly thrilled with these glasses they are doing the job until I can find another pair I like.

Just some cute accessories to go with both of the dresses.  The ring is actually more teal than it showed up on camera and I absolutely love it!  I think both the ring and earrings were five dollars.


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