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July Loves and Loathes

I cannot believe it is the end of July and I start classes again in 23 days.  I am so bummed and do not want to go back to the grind at all!  But here are some cosmetics, skin care, clothes, and etc. that I’ve been loving this past month.. and  a loathe too.

I have been using  the EOS Lip Balm every single day.  The packaging is so cute and I love the shape!  This smell is Summer Fruit and it smells so delicious!  I really want to get the other flavors as well!

I have recently discovered gel eyeliner and I do not  think I am ever going to go back to pencil eyeliner or any other kind.  This eyeliner is Very Black from Coastal Scents.  It has amazing staying power,  it literally will not budge all day and you can create the perfect line to your  liking.

Maybelline’s Volum Express Mascara has been my holy grail mascara for years.  I have not found another mascara yet to take it’s place and I am not sure it ever will.  It layers perfectly while thickening and creating voluminous lashes at the same time without making them clumpy or spidery.

This is another great chap stick, and it may be better than the EOS lip balm.  I have never had another chap stick that is as moisturizing as this one is.  I am surprised I have not heard anyone talk about this chap stick because I am in love.  All you need is a tiny bit and your lips are moisturized all day.  And for a dollar this is unbeatable.

The NYX Jumbo eye pencils are perfect for a base, to wear alone, or with other eye shadow.  They are so creamy and easy to blend.  I cannot say enough good things about these pencils.  The colors I have are Iced Mocha, Yogurt, and Cottage Cheese which I have not used yet.

I was a bit hesitant when I first bought this primer because I thought at one dollar how well can this work? I did not expect my eyeshadow to wear a while and to have creasing as well but I was wrong.  With this primer, my eyeshadow will last all day without color fading and no creasing.  I am in love and this is one of my new HG products.

I’ve said this before, but I am obsessed with my lashes and I will do anything to have the best eyelashes possible.  I have been using this products every night for about three weeks and I have definitely noticed my lashes become much much thicker.  I had very thin, sparse lashes on the bottom lash line but they have dramatically improved.  I am not sure if my lashes have lengthened, but I have always had relatively long lashes.  I put this on every night while washing my face on both the upper and bottom lashes and then run the wand along the upper and lower lash line like you would with eyeliner.  I would advise against using this under mascara because it tends to clump eyelashes together and just does not look good.

I have become obsessed with contouring and I love this bronze/blush duo by E.L.F.  This product has been described as a dupe for Nars Laguna and Orgasm (which I am also dying to get).  I’ve used this bronzer almost every day and I love the blush as well.  It has great pigmentation, it can come off pretty heavy so you have to be careful, but you can create a very defined cheek bone and again, it is only like $3.

My mom introduced me  to this amazing product and I am now addicted.  It is the Neaclear Oxygen Astringent.  I use this after I remove my make up and wash my face.  It uses oxygen to clean out your pores and you are left with  almost a tingling feeling on your face.  I can literally feel my pores cleared out and the oxygen and astringent getting deep into my skin and cleaning it.  This may not be for people who are really sensitive to feeling on their face.  Like many others on this list,  this is one of my HG products that I will use forever.

I think Biore has the best drugstore skin products.  Everything they make is great quality and works so well.  My current favorite from them is the Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser.  I have not tried other warming products so I am not sure how well they actually warm, but this product is amazing.  I look forward to applying it every morning just because of the warming.  It feels sooo good, unfortunately it is only for like 5 seconds, but it makes me feel like this product is really doing something for my skin.  Again, this product is probably not for someone who is sensitive to feelings on their skin.

I posted this in my Forever 21 haul, but I am loving statement rings.  They really pull any outfit together and add something special to even the most simple look.

This is my favorite piece of clothing this month, and it is also from Forever 21.  I have been wanting to wear this dress everyday.  It is perfect for work to go to the pool, run errands, go to a party, or just to wear to hang out.  It is so comfortable and fits the body very well.

This is a very random product, but I have been loving hummus and can eat this 24/7.  Brian and I now do 95% of our shopping at Whole Foods and Hummus has become my new favorite food.  It is great with pita chips, pita bread, veggies, on sandwiches, and many other uses.  I cannot get enough of this, and am sad that I finished this off yesterday.

And finally, the best (favorite) for last:

Boo!!  Brian and I moved in together June 30th and we were finally able to bring Boo up to live with us!  His old apartment had a 50lb weight limit for dogs, but luckily our current one does not.  I have been so happy having Boo with us, we are like a little family.  He is so loving and playful and always wants attention and wants to give kisses as well.  He’s such a ham and is always making us laugh and brightening up my day.  Now I think he needs a little friend (like ab bunny).  We’ll see though 😉

Now, a crap products:

Yes I was just raving about this product and how I got it for such a great price.  And let me tell you there is a reason I got it at a great price, it’s because it is a counterfeit Benefit product.  I do not have a problem with the Benefit products themselves as I have only heard great things.  However, I definitely learned my lesson and am not buying anything expensive on ebay. I will just shell out the extra money to avoid having to go through all of this.  Before I found out it was a fake, I also ordered Coralista off of ebay too.  That is also a fake, so as soon as I get the product I am asking for a refund and filing a complaint with Ebay and Paypal.  So I cannot wait to get my money back on that one at least.

So there are my favorites for this month and I would definitely recommend these products to everyone as I have been using this stuff almost everyday for a month


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