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I had the last two weeks off of work, and Brian got the last week off, but we are both heading back to work tomorrow, unfortunately.  I had a good break, although I did not do as much as I wanted to do and got a bit bored at times.  However, we did spent a lot of time back at our parents.   Since I missed out  on a lot of money from not working the past two weeks, I can say I am looking forward to a paycheck on Friday.  This is also my last week of nannying and then back to my regular job so it wont be too bad either.

Here are some pics of the dogs while we were at my mom’s.

Cody and Boo just relaxing

Cody gets some energy and decides to play

Woo, all that wore Cody out

Boo needs his eye goobers removed,

ears checked,

and some petting, of course.

Today Brian and I spent our last day setting up our grill that my mom bought us and setting up  Brian’s desk too.  It is nice to have a desk now and less clutter on the floor.  We still have to throw away a few boxes and clean up the tv cords, but it is a work in progress (and dramatically improved out apartment!).  We were going to grill hot dogs, but the cylinder was not working so we will have to replace it.  Instead we made them on the stove, which were just as good.  It is nice to have all this stuff, but I hope we are done building stuff for a while!

And finally, on Thursday I cut my hair.  Not just a trim, an eight or so inch cut.  My hair was below my boobs, and is now above my shoulders.  Now that I have styled it myself I think I really like it.  I look completely  different than I did before, sometimes younger, sometimes older, but I an getting used to it and am beginning to fall in love with it.




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