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Haul: Walmart

The past couple weeks I was not working, and therefore, did not get any paychecks so I was sooo broke.  I did not do any shopping for about a  month or so.  I am still on a low buy, only buying things on sale and drugstore items because my last day of nannying was yesterday on Friday and I start my other job on Monday which pays a lot less.  So anyway,  last night Brian had to go to Walmart to pick up a light since one of his headlights were out.  We were going to a party later on and since I did  not buy an outfit, I wanted to get at least a few new make up items to wear.  Majority of the things are Wet ‘n Wild or NYC, which are two of the cheapest brands.  The most expensive thing I got was $7 for the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara.  I also paid in cash, instead of  my card, for these things which always make me feel less guilty.

Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in 206B Undercover.  I wore this on my nails last night and it is more plum and less pink than it showed on camera.  I feel like this is a perfect  fall nail color.  I believe this was a bit less than  $2, but the bottle is soo tiny too!

NYC nail polish in 248B  Manhattan.  The color is true to what is showed on camera, and I figured this would be another perfect fall color.

I saw this product on a youtube video, of new products from NYC so when I saw it at Walmart I couldn’t wait to get it.  They have palettes specifically for your eye colors, and I am a huge fan of neturals and purples so I fell in love.  This palette is great for beginniners because it labeled what color is used  for what, and a diagram of how to place eye shadows on the eye.  The compact also comes with a primer and illuminator for the eye.  I am not sure I will really use it, but I will probably try it out just to see.

NYC duo-ended eyeliner in brown and green with black.    I tried to look for a specific name, but could not find one.  I do not have any.  I liked colored eyeliner, for a pop of color without going overboard or actually using colored eyeshadow.  I have not tried this yet, so I do not know the staying power of these.

Covergirl three colored eyeshadow in Shimmering Sands.  I heard so many good things about this compact so I picked it up.  I wore it last night and love it.   The colors create a soft, subtle neutral eye with some shimmer.  The eyeshadow lasted throughout the night for me as well with no creasing, of course with help from my primer.

Wet ‘n Wild blushes in Heather Silk (Left)  and Pearlescent Pink (Right).   As you can see, the Heather Silk shattered.  While driving I had it one minute and the next I look in the bag again and it is broken to pieces!  I was so so upset, but at least it can be repressed with alcohol so I am going to do that as soon as possible.   I swatched the blushes but the  camera showed them as almost identical colors  so  I decided not to post it.  These blushes were so cheap at about $2.

Everyone in the beauty community raves about this mascara.  I picked it up a long time ago, before really getting into make up and tried it but never really liked it.  I bought it again, deciding to give it another try.  I used it last night and holy cow I am in love.  A few clumps came out and onto my lashes but other than that my lashes looked so much thicker and longer.  This could become my new Holy Grail mascara.


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