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Today is day two of my three month no-buy. I am starting a no-buy to save money. I have two separate accounts for bills and spending money so I want to start saving this money for Christmas presents and any sales on Black Friday to buy something for myself. Once black Friday comes around I will only be able to spend money for myself for items on my wishlist, if and only if, there is a sale going on (about 50% off). If not, I cannot buy the products. The list includes:

Milani/Jordana/NYX websites (or Cherry Culture)
Sleek Palettes
Charlotte Russe
Wet Seal
Go Jane

During my no-buy I can only buy necessary items such as foundation, concealer, or mascara that I run out of during the three month period. I might also make an exception for a pair of boots for winter and a pair of jeans since I did not do any back to school shopping and I think I am going to need both of these. After Black Friday, I will not be able to buy anything for myself until all my Christmas shopping is done with, and from then on I will be on a low-buy allowing myself a $5/wk spending limit that I can save up or spend at that time.

I am kind of nervous for this, yet I think come Black Friday it will be exciting to see the money I have saved up and be able to spend a little for myself. I am also hoping, now that school has started, I will be so busy between that and work that I won’t have time to worry about shopping. So anyway, this has been day one and we will see how the rest of the time goes.


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