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Recently Bought: Wet Seal

Before I went on my no-buy I purchased a few things that have been coming in the mail over the past couple weeks.  Today I am posting my little haul from Wet Seal while they were having an additional 30% off clearance items.  Since I am a poor college student, I only really buy clothes that are on sale to begin with and if you look you can find really great items.  So here’s what I bought:

So normally I would never buy jeans online.  I have a real problem with findings jeans that fit the way I want them to so I always need to try them on in store.  However, I have ordered jeans from Wet Seal before and they fit well so I decided to try another pair, the fact that they were only $10 also didn’t hurt.

I have seen soo many shirts with the detailing that this sweatshirt has on the shoulder and I thought this would just be so cute to throw on over leggings in the winter.  This was the most expensive item I bought, which was  $14 (still a steal).

This is the only shirt I have briefly tried on, and I think it may be my favorite out of all my items.  Its a crop top with the sides hanging down and is just so so cute with shorts.  I also love the straps and back of this shirt.

These vests are huge right now, along with knitted shirts, which is what this one  is, and would be perfect with almost anything – so cute!



Today is day two of my three month no-buy. I am starting a no-buy to save money. I have two separate accounts for bills and spending money so I want to start saving this money for Christmas presents and any sales on Black Friday to buy something for myself. Once black Friday comes around I will only be able to spend money for myself for items on my wishlist, if and only if, there is a sale going on (about 50% off). If not, I cannot buy the products. The list includes:

Milani/Jordana/NYX websites (or Cherry Culture)
Sleek Palettes
Charlotte Russe
Wet Seal
Go Jane

During my no-buy I can only buy necessary items such as foundation, concealer, or mascara that I run out of during the three month period. I might also make an exception for a pair of boots for winter and a pair of jeans since I did not do any back to school shopping and I think I am going to need both of these. After Black Friday, I will not be able to buy anything for myself until all my Christmas shopping is done with, and from then on I will be on a low-buy allowing myself a $5/wk spending limit that I can save up or spend at that time.

I am kind of nervous for this, yet I think come Black Friday it will be exciting to see the money I have saved up and be able to spend a little for myself. I am also hoping, now that school has started, I will be so busy between that and work that I won’t have time to worry about shopping. So anyway, this has been day one and we will see how the rest of the time goes.

Recently Bought: Wet Seal

So classes start again in a few weeks and I realized that I literally have no clothes for school.  I have been so broke all summer and for my job I just wear Soffee shorts so I did not do any clothes shopping at all this summer.  I have been so stressed out because I have no clothes to wear and no money to buy clothes.  However, Wet Seal was having a sale for $2.50 basic tees and tanks  a few weeks ago.  While Wet Seal is not my favorite place, I was desperate for at least a few t-shirts, and at 2.50 each, I think I can afford that.  So here are a few things I got:

I also got a pair of red shorts for about ten dollars or something.  I was a bit nervous about getting them, but they are actually very cute!

Recently Bought: Forever 21

About two weeks ago Brian and I went to some party and I decided that  I wanted a new outfit so we went to Forever 21 and here are a couple of the things I bought.

Sorry about the sideways pictures I am too lazy to fix this.  This dress is a super cute, simple summer dress that is perfect for the pool or just something to throw on and it was only $13

I actually wore  this dress to the party.  I absolutely love love love the back of this dress and this is another great casual dress for the day and pool.  This dress was only $15

I have had horrible luck with sunglasses lately.  I broke two pairs in two weeks or less so I was desperate for a new pair since with my job we are outside a lot and it just hurts my eyes to not be wearing sunglasses.  Now while I am not overly thrilled with these glasses they are doing the job until I can find another pair I like.

Just some cute accessories to go with both of the dresses.  The ring is actually more teal than it showed up on camera and I absolutely love it!  I think both the ring and earrings were five dollars.

Recently Bought: Charlotte Russe

A white sheer tank with floral emphasis on the top.  Original price: $15, Sale Price: $$7.99

Sheer floral scarf.  Original Price: $7.99, Sale Price: $4.99

Green and white cargo shorts. Original Price: $20.99.  White short sale price: $8.99, Olive sale price: $11.70

Layered skirt.  Original Price: $8.99, Sale Price: $4.99

Gray knit cardigan.  Original Price: $20.99, Sale Price: $10.99