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Haul Turned to A Review: Spell Cosmetics

After hearing great things about Spell Cosmetics on a youtube video I decided to check them out.   I placed an order for two blushes (w/ BOGOF)  and 6 eye shadows (w/ B3G3F) and it came out to be around thirty dollars with shipping.  On the website it said if you order ___ you get ___ lipstick free.  So with some of the eye shadows and a blush,  I was supposed to get three or four lipsticks free along with my order.   I placed my order from them around July 27th.  I got an email with the receipt, but no shipping confirmation a few days later.  I emailed them about five days later asking the status of my order and got not response.  It was annoying not knowing whether my item had been shipped, was still in the warehouse, or anything else.   A few days  later it arrived in the mail, but there was no invoice which is very odd.  Also, there was no free lipsticks that I was supposed to have.  While this is not the biggest deal in the world,  I was already annoyed with the process and this was just the icing on the cake.  I get home and open the package and my blush didn’t even have a cover on it, so it looked like it came used which was gross.  I swatched the blush and two eye shadows and was not impressed with the products at all so I emailed them again stating I wanted to return the items and get a refund.  Guess what, no response.  I again emailed them two or so days ago stating I got no response from my first two emails and I needed to know where to send my items to ensure the refund.  Still no fricken email.  This is the worst company I have ordered from and will never order from them again and would never recommend them to anyone.  I am so annoyed and disappointed that a company is okay with treating customers like this.  Ugh I am so angry even thinking about it, such a rip off.