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I’ve Moved….

I’ve decided to start a new blog dedicated to just all things fashion, beauty, and food since thats what my loves are and that is the direction this blog decided to go.  I am not going to keep this blog for my personal life, since I can just use twitter.

So follow me on twitter: @briansbunny

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I had the last two weeks off of work, and Brian got the last week off, but we are both heading back to work tomorrow, unfortunately.  I had a good break, although I did not do as much as I wanted to do and got a bit bored at times.  However, we did spent a lot of time back at our parents.   Since I missed out  on a lot of money from not working the past two weeks, I can say I am looking forward to a paycheck on Friday.  This is also my last week of nannying and then back to my regular job so it wont be too bad either.

Here are some pics of the dogs while we were at my mom’s.

Cody and Boo just relaxing

Cody gets some energy and decides to play

Woo, all that wore Cody out

Boo needs his eye goobers removed,

ears checked,

and some petting, of course.

Today Brian and I spent our last day setting up our grill that my mom bought us and setting up  Brian’s desk too.  It is nice to have a desk now and less clutter on the floor.  We still have to throw away a few boxes and clean up the tv cords, but it is a work in progress (and dramatically improved out apartment!).  We were going to grill hot dogs, but the cylinder was not working so we will have to replace it.  Instead we made them on the stove, which were just as good.  It is nice to have all this stuff, but I hope we are done building stuff for a while!

And finally, on Thursday I cut my hair.  Not just a trim, an eight or so inch cut.  My hair was below my boobs, and is now above my shoulders.  Now that I have styled it myself I think I really like it.  I look completely  different than I did before, sometimes younger, sometimes older, but I an getting used to it and am beginning to fall in love with it.




So I haven’t actually posted what has been going on with me in a while.  This summer I’m staying in Boulder and nannying.  Nothing too exciting really.  In the next week or so Brian’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to plan something but nothing will probably come out of that, unfortunately.  And then at the end of the month Brian and I are officially moving in together in our new place which I am so so soooo excited about!  I can’t wait to leave and actually be somewhere that is mine.  This weekend is father’s day and I am going back home just overnight and then will probably see a movie and grab some food with my dad tomorrow.  I have not been to his house in months and months and he’s been doing some renovations around the house so I am excited to see that.

I have been finishing about a book everyday because I have so much time so I decided not to post on here about everything I’ve read so I made an account on instead which will also help me to look through all the books I have read easily.

I have ordered a lot of stuff and am thinking about posting hauls on here of things I have recently bought so we’ll see.

Anyway, that is all I have to say, this post was pretty lame, but just a little post to mention a few things.

In the past month, things got pretty crazy with school ending and what not.  I had all my finals in two consecutive days, a two papers due the weekend before finals any many borderline grades.  Unfortunately my grades stayed the same and did not swing up like I would have hoped.

Since I am working until the end of May and nannying this summer I decided to take a Maymester course for a class I need anyway.  I am very glad I did, it is three weeks so it goes very quickly, I have a week left.  It is also very nice because there are no tests, just two papers and then a group poster for the final which is easier than other classes for me because I am a horrible test taker.

I also moved out of the dorms and  Brian and I found our apartment that we are moving into at the end of June.  I absolutely love love love it!  It is in Bloomfield, literally five mins away from where I work.  It is so much nicer than anything in Boulder and we can bring Boo.  It has a washer/dryer, walk  in closet, two bedroom, has a balcony, fireplace,  etc.

That has been the major news of what has been going on.  Everything is going so well for me and I am just so grateful for everything going on and comping and excited for the summer!

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, and while I am not religious or anything, I got this  post idea from College Candy I decided I would post my ideal friday:

Wake up, hang out and surf the internet a bit (catching up on google reader and twitter), and relax.  Then go for a jog, come back and just relax and start working on the two papers I have due.  Find out my recitation is canceled and I do not have to go to work!  Then I celebrate by drinking. 🙂

Things I Love #3

Mondays. Yes everyone’s most dredded day is my favorite. Except for today when I had a midterm, Mondays are like another weekend day. I only have one class at two so I get to sleep in. What is even better is that I do not have work so I don’t have to rush there right after. I spend my Mondays sleeping in and on the computer. Yes, this is the life.

And lets not dismiss the fact that I also get to watch Brian play bball on  Monday nights. It is a fun event I look forward to.  He’s such a good player and I’m glad he’s doing something he loves 🙂

I’m still alive

It has been way to long since I have posted.  With midterms, NY, catching up on school work, and everything I have been so busy and this has been my last priority. I am on spring break this week and have not done anything worth mentioning, just working a lot which is good!

Anyway, one of the main reasons I made this blog is for vacations.  Brian and I went to NYC last month (his christmas present to me) and I decided since I have time (but, I should be studying for bio) I would do a quick run down on what went  we did.

We arrived Thursday after noon and it was snowing, which we were not prepared for.  I forgot my umbrella and rain boots and we did not find any until Friday, so the first night was shitty walking around.  On Thursday, as we were walking around we were starving, but did not know of any good places to eat.   So we stopped at the first place we saw, Lombardi’s, and had pizza which was less than great.  We actually ate pizza two times before we finally got a square pizza. Major fail!  However, I am now obsessed with putting garlic on my pizza and do not think  I will ever go without it again.  Try it,  you are not living until you do.   We did a lot of touristy, sightseeing things such as:

  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square (our hotel was literally half a block from there, you just walk down the street)
  • Broadway Shows: Chicago & Fela
  • China Town
  • Ground Zero : which was disappointing b/c they are building a new memorial so you could not see anything other than cranes
  • Had the best cheeseburger ever lol
  • Knicks and Grizzlies game @ Madison Square: we had seats on the floor.  It was the coolest thing ever to me and I think it is so awesome to be able to say I did that
  • and probably a million other things I cannot remember right now.

Anyway, I have a million pics, but since I am the only one who reads this it is pointless to add them haha.