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I finally found some free wifi and decided to make a quick little post.  The connection is as slow as mollasses (is that the expression?) but whatever, it works.  Tonight is our last night in Maui  and while I had fun over this trip I am extremely glad.  I miss Brian so much and being without him is not fun at all, its like I lose a part of me whem I am not with him.  Our plane leaves Maui tomorrow night at 9P and we don’t get home until like 7 or 8A, I had red eyes, especially when we’re flying over water. So scary!!

Over all my favorite islands were Kaua’i and Maui.  I felt like we did  not have nearly enough time to do everything in Maui that I would have liked to do and wished we just went there.  I also thought O’ahu  was nothing worth mentioning and would not go back.  It is not nearly as nice as the other two and is way to busy and homeless people everywhere you look.  I also got so many amazing experiences during this trip such as seeing numerous wales, dolphins, many waterfalls, a black beach, such diverse land, huge waves, and Pearl Harbor.

It was fun but I am counting down the time until I will be home in Brian’s arms 🙂


Day 5  – Monday, December 22, 2009

Today we woke up, had an amazing Belgon waffle, and then our plane left for Kaua’i at 12:30 – a whole 30 min plane ride lol.  Sad to leave O’hau because our trip is going by, but exciting to see more islands.  If we had more time on Ohau I want to visit the Dole Plantation and hike Diamond Head.  Kaua’i is the exact opposite of O’ahu.  There are so many more trees, less cars, people, tourists, homeless people, more mountains, so much more calm, quiet, and hot.  Kauai is the perfect place to go and take a vacation, one where you want to completly get away from everything and all reality.  You can basically get around the whole island in probably an hour and 45 mins or so, we went probably half way around since we got here.  We didn’t get to our hotel until about 3P so we decided to go explore.  The streets are interesting here because there is a main highway and and other side roads which all lead to a dead end basically.  It seemed so confusing at first, we got really lost, but once we looked at our map it was easy to figure out.  While driving around we went to a waterfall which was pretty, and I cannot wait to see more with Fern Grotta and the road to Hana in Maui.  We ended the night with pizza in the room

Anyway, I’m getting lazy and maybe I’ll caption the important pics later.  Right now I’m gonna read a bit more of My Sister’s Keeper and head to bet soon.

Day 3 in O’ahu

Day 3 – Sunday December 22, 2009:

On Sunday we decided to go on an excursion of Pearl Harbor and the tour of the city.  After we went and tanned on the beach for three hours, it was not as cloudy as the day before but I still look like I did not get any darker – I think I am losing the color I did have. How sad.  After we went to dinner at Senor Frogs which was fun and different.  They made everyone get up and do the YMCA and had kareoke and stuff.

At Pearl Harbor we walked through the museum and watched a powerful film on the events also.  One thing that was surprising to me is the fact that there are soo many Asians, including Japanese, in Hawaii and how we don’t hate them completely, especially since it happened right there.

Day 2 in O’ahu

Day 2 – Saturday, December 21, 2009:

Saturday we just hung out at the beach, went shopping, and bought some souvenirs. It was a little cloudy all day so I didn’t get much sun.

Day 1 in O’ahu

So I finally got free wifi in our hotel at Kaua’i.  So here’s a review with pics of what I’ve been doing:

*Warning: Image Heavy!!*

Day 1 – Friday December 20,2009:

I woke up at 3:30A to shower and get all my final stuff and head to the airport.  Our flight left at 7:30A and we had a layover in SLC.  We finally got to O’ahu at 4P (7P at home) and settled in the airport around 6P.   We were pretty tired so we just did some walking around.  We stayed at the Waikiki Aston Hotel along Waikiki Beach.  It was really nice and there was a huge shopping center  along the street, Kalakaua.  I was really surprised that they duplicated stores – there were three Coach stores along the shopping area, and not to mention two ABC convenience stores on every corner.  There were also homeless people everywhere, the minute we walked outside our first hotel we were approached by a homeless guy asking for money.  Scary!  We finally went to dinner at a restaurant in our hotel called Tiki’s and had sushi and coconut shrimp which were both really good!

All pictures from the plane of O’hau.  The last two of the mountains with the snow are of SLC, it was crazy there because the airport and communities are surrounded by mountains less than thirty miles away probably.   I just thought it was crazy to be that close.