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Last week felt like finals week all over again – pure hell!  I had all of my midterms shoved into one week, two on the same day and one the day before.  I literally studied for every single test the night before.  I got a C on my bio which I am very happy about because that class is awful and a B on my linguistics which I will take (but I was hoping for an A).  I still have yet to hear from my other two, but hopefully they turned out okay.

For Valentines day Brian and I decided to go to Red Lobster and have dinner, which was delicious.  We were going to go see Valentines Day, the movie, but I heard it was only okay so I figured I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD.

On Saturday, our we went and saw Shutter Island, which we have both been uber excited about since we first saw the previews, back in October!  It turned out to be a very good movie, one I definitely reccomend and would want to see again.

Compared to last week, this week has been very simple and I have been able to relax a little.  Not to mention we leave for New York in two days!!!!  I have been trying to do some last minute shopping and get ahead on my reading for classes next week since I want no reminder that I am even enrolled in college during our vacation.  This is a much needed vacation we both need badly!

Anyway, just figured I’d write a quick update since I know I will have TONS to share  once we get back!



Classes started on Monday, which like a whole month has passed since then!  This has been such a long week and I cannot be more thankful it is over!  I have classes everyday, but only one on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays  I go from 8A – 2P then have work right after. It makes for a very long two days, let me tell you.  This semester I am taking:

  • Ling 2000 – Intro to Linguistics:  I think I will like this class, although it may be a bit challenging.  I am thinking about majoring in SHLS and this class would be one of the requirements so I took this to test it out and see if I like it.  I think I will like the professor and the recitation teacher is nice as well. The only downer is that this class takes attendence. Boo!
  • PSCI 1101 – American Political Systems:  This class will be super super easy and Brian is in with me which is a double bonus.  Overall, I have high hopes for this class… the recitation may be a diff story though.
  • Psyc 2606 – Social Psychology:   I thought this class would be soo interesting and I would really enjoy it, but the professor makes  the class awful.  She is sooo boring, has an annoying voice, and a typical psych major.  It sucks that the class I was really looking forward to is going to be the most boring and painful to sit through.
  • Ebio 1040 – Human Approach to Bio:   I took it last semester so I know what to expect – shitton of notes and impossible tests. Yuck.

I’ve kept up with all the reading so far, not like it was hard or anything lol, and I found a really good website for making notecards online for each class so hopefull that will help me this semester also.  I definitely need all the extra studying this semester  because all of my midterms are in the same week back-to-back, I have a project and a paper due the same day which is three days before finals, and two finals back to back two days in a row.  This semester has a long, gloomy outlook.