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Recently Read: Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler

I absolutely love love love Chelsea Handler.  I love all her shows and I a constantly cracking up watching Chelsea Lately.  She is so quick and witty and is not afraid to call anyone out which are her best qualities.  I had heard great things about all of her books and had my eye on Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea since I first saw it in book stores.  Brian got it for me off of Amazon to read over spring break.  Things got too busy though and I never got the chance to read it then.  So I started it the day I finished my last book and read the whole thing in about twenty four hours.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed.  I was literally laughing out loud all throughout the book.  It is a compilation of stories throughout her life such as getting a DUI, her love for midgets, vacationing wit her dad, among others.  However, if one is easily offended, does not appreciate fowl language, or sexual jokes, then they should stay far far away.  In reality, anyone who would think about reading this book probably is familiar with Chelsea Handler and her crude humor is no secret.  I do not know what else to say other than I was more than happy with this book and cannot wait to read her others!


Recently Read: Academy X by Andrew Trees

I found this amazing website which sells deeeply discounted books and hundreds for two dollars, thats right 2 freaking dollars.  Talk about a steal. I bought seven books and with shipping it came to under twenty dollars. EDIT: I just checked out the website, and I guess it was just a promotional thing because now they have something different.  Either way they still have books for a great price!

Anyway, I just finished reading (like ten mins ago) Academy X.   The overview reads:

Welcome to Academy X, an ethical wonderland in which up is down, right is wrong, and parents and students will stop at nothing to get into the Ivy League. English teacher John Spencer is struggling through the final weeks of spring semester. But keeping his students focused on the genius and wit of Jane Austen is the least of his problems. His crush on the sexy librarian is beginning to warp his judgement. An unexpected promotion leaves him drowning in a sea of academic intrigue. Pushy parents demanding higher grades lurk behind every corner, and a favorite pupil suddenly reveals a cunning and sophistication far beyond her years. With each bumbling effort to keep everyone happy, John digs himself deeper into trouble, until his very career is at stake. Witty and rollicking, Academy X is a priceless peek into New York City’s top private schools – indeed into elite schools all over the country – where parents risk all for their child’s coveted admission to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

I was excited to read this book because it reminded me of this show that was on Bravo TV about rich high school kids in NYC who epitomize everything described.  However, once I began reading it was a bit of a different story.   When reading the summary I thought it was  a true story, but once I began reading it sounded fiction which disappointed me.  This book started off pretty slow to me as well.  Sort of repetitive, too many mentions about Jane Austin, and it seemed lit it was not going where.  When I got a little over half-way through the plot  slowly started to thicken.  In the end, I found out this was a true story and the author, Andrew Trees, really does (or did) teach at the unmentioned private school which made me like the book a bit more.  The overall ending was decent.  For some reason the plot had not captivated me like most books do, or like I had hoped it would.  I love the “beach read” types of books, however, I think an elementary student could have read this book which was also a bit unappealing as well.  I would not reccomend buying this book, but at the price of $2  it was still worth it for me.

Recently Read: Special Delivery by Danielle Steel

Dashing Jack Watson is the playboy owner of Julie’s, a chic Beverly Hills toggery. He’s sworn off marriage after the love of his life perished in a car accident a decade ago. One day, his son’s mother-in-law–the glamorous ex-starlet Amanda Robbins–is suddenly widowed after 36 years of wedded bliss. Throughout their children’s marriage, Jack and Amanda have always maintained a cordial loathing for one another but they begin to find an understanding for each other and their situation…
(Summary from Amazon)

I love Danielle Steel books, anything to do with romance hooks me.  However, I was a bit disappointed wit this book.  While it was good, I do not think it was one of her best.  I was a cute, light, very easy read (I finished it in probably three hours), yet I did not feel the passion from details that some of her other books had.  I felt this was written quickly, with a lack of attention that other books have. I would say, don’t bother reading this book and read her other books like Palomino, Summer’s End, or Mirror Image.